Factotum #0 | Chapter B with Jérôme Antonuccio † Infernale Machine † Live soloist performance series


FACTOTUM is a photography, video and sound series produced by Infernale Machine. It is created for solo musicians who play atypical, out of the ordinary or classical instruments which have been modified for research, experimentation and improvisation. This includes : DIY, electronic and acoustic or sounding objects. It is essential for us to provide a visible open space for expression, and an artistic environment for these alternative creations. Such creativity comes from the need to experiment with sound which makes up the most pertinent part of contemporary music. Most of the artists we work with come from networks that are similar and close to our line of work. Nevertheless, these artists are keen on projecting themselves outside of their entourage which already knows and appreciates them. With this project, we hope to support an often divided, fragile creative scene which represents a fairly difficult niche to satisfy. At a national scale, diffusion and creation spots for these music styles are marginal. Most of them fade out in silence even though there is a large number of organizations and activists working together to avoid this. This series was founded after multiple encounters with musicians who struggled to find someone who would listen to them and try to meet their needs. But, above all, these artists needed the right tools to be able to work professionally while recording their projects. This is why we asked ourselves: What is the point of working for years at a time- normally 8 hours a day- to perfectly play an instrument, to create sounds or perform, if we can’t properly record and display it ? For the artist who is “committed” to this process, the essential drive is that every performance is recorded, leaves a trace. We record the performances live exclusively and with no overdub. Because of this, we prefer to film in HD, since the video remains the most accessible media support to portray our artists’ universe. Therefore, we need to mutualize our project, our tools and capacities in order to be a part of an international network in which several organizations can work together with and for these types of music.



SOLO NATURALIS pour batterie modifiée



solo, sieste sonore, improvisation, batterie, jerome antonuccio, installation, théatre sonore.